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Presentation skills success is based on following a practical presentation strategy and learning the techniques for delivering superior presentations. This website includes the important presentation fundamentals you need build your presentations. From there you can learn and practise the presentation techniques - because a superior presentation is about technique. To make you an even better presenter we offer you presentation tips, ideas and examples.

Presentations Skills: If you already know how important it is to be a better communicator, presenter or speaker - then this website is the resource for you. This website will show you how to be a better presenter. If you are only looking for a magic presentation pill then this site is not for you. This is a "how to be a better presenter" website. Enjoy, George Torok.

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Public Speaking, Presentation or Speech?


First Rule of Great Presentations

A great presentation does not just happen. It is planned, rehearsed then delivered with flair. A good presenter is one who learns the skills of presentations - not one who hopes for talent to carry them. Public speaking is a set of skills not a talent. You can be a good presenter if you learn the skills for presentation success. You will be a great speaker if you learn from every presentation you deliver. Great presenters start as poor speakers – then they get better.


· Preparing your Presentation



Your audience is the reason you are there


Design your presentation backwards


Presentation Structure

Presentation Q&A


Presentation Pain and Relief


Illustrating your main points


Presentation: Telling Stories

Researching your presentation

Test your presentation for relevance

Remembering your speech

The best public speakers do not memorize their presentation. Instead know your topic and the issues. Then make notes for yourself. But don’t read your speech. That is so boring. Instead write key words that remind you of your messages. Write your speech notes on index cards. That is much easier to handle instead of fumbling with a sheet of paper. Develop the skills of working with index cards and keywords.


Rehearsing your presentation


The fear of public speaking


Overcoming presentation anxiety


Last minute details before you begin speaking

Get into the room before your audience arrives to check the setup and get the feel of the room. This helps to make it your room. Walk around the room and sit in a few different chairs to take in the feel of your room and how your audience will see you. Check your equipment and put on your busiest slide to check for readability. Drink one or two glasses of warm water to both lubricate your vocal cords and hydrate yourself. Public speaking dehydrates you.


Emergency preparation


Your confederate


Eye Contact


Emphasizing key points

Establishing rapport

Read “Establishing Rapport”


Stay on time


Deliver your speech with credibility

Read “Introducing Your Speaker”


Help your audience remember the important parts

Read “Power of the Pause”


Look your best


Sounding your best


Using equipment and technology

Read “Power Tips for Presentations with Computer Projectors”

Read “Tips on Presenting with Overhead Projectors”

 Read “PowerPoint Sins”


Ensuring success in your presentation


Correcting things that go wrong


Handling Q&A

Read “Handling Questions with Authority”


Tame the Hecklers


Finish Your Presentation Strong

· Post Presentation


Review your presentation and grow


Leverage your presentation


Your next presentation



· Presentation Skills Resources for you

Speech Coach for Executives

For individual speech coaching for executives and senior professionals contact the Speech Coach for Executives – George Torok


Presentations Skills Training

Arrange presentation skills training for your managers, sales staff and technical experts.




Toastmasters International is the largest organization that successful teaches presentation skills.


· Final Words of Encouragement for you


For more success with your presentations:

Speak well;

Speak effectively;

Speak with confidence;

Speak to make things happen;

Speak imperfectly – and speak again.


· Epilogue


Presentation Skills Success ongoing…

It never really concludes. To be a better public speaker – you must commit to be an ongoing learner. Communications is a set of skills that can be learned, honed and taught. The ability to communicate is one of the most sought after success skills. As human beings we have a unique ability to communicate with each other. And after thousands of years of trying to communicate we have an incredible knack for miscommunication. We make mistakes when we speak and when we listen. So the brave keep trying to hone that essence of delivering the perfect speech or amazing presentation.


Remember you will never deliver the perfect presentation – never!


With study and practice you can deliver more effective presentations.


As a public speaker you will improve your skills as long as you seek to grow.



My wish to you…

Presentations Skills trainer George Torok  Best of public speaking success to you


  May you continue to develop your presentation skills


  Deliver a presentation that has your audience exclaiming,

  “Wow – how do we get some  of that?”








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